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Company Overview

Thank you for taking time to visit North American Health Care, Inc.  You are embarking on a website tour of an exceptional organization that has assisted its client serviced facilities in obtaining the highest government recognitions awarded for commendable patient care in the United States!  As of July 2016, 80% of North American affiliated facilities have been awarded the highest rating by Medicare - Five Stars.  Statistically, approximately 20% of all skilled nursing facilities in the United States will achieve this level of success.  The remaining four facilities are highly ranked with a Four-Star Rating. Before making a rating determination each year, Medicare carefully analyzes a facility by performing an annual survey, reviewing quality measures in place at the facility and assessing staffing levels at the facility. Medicare also looks at the past three years results of this analysis in every facility’s current yearly assessment. This means that a Five-Star Rating can only be awarded through a long-term commitment to excellence. There is no other similar organization in the United States which consistently has annually achieved such a high statistical number of client facilities achieving a Five-Star Rating as evaluated by government agencies! 

Our goal at North American Health Care, Inc. is to assist our client serviced facilities in providing Five-Star patient services for every person served.  This is a serious and monumental undertaking – one we enjoy the challenge of accomplishing.  Our client serviced facilities’ ratings reflect the organization’s commitment to excellence in patient care which includes the desire to provide every aging individual serviced a dignified experience.

Please visit any of our client serviced facilities to see for yourself the significant North American Health Care, Inc. difference.  At North American Health Care, Inc., Caring is our main concern!